Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Erica's Ol' Timey ketchup recipe

Tomato Ketchup

5 quarts home grown plum tomato juice

1 ½ pints white vinegar

1 Tbsps. black pepper

1 ½ Tbsps. cinnamon

½ Tbsps. dry mustard

2 ½ Tbsps. salt

1 2/3 c brown sugar

1. Combine all ingredients and cook over fire until thick

2. Reduce volume by about half

3. Pour into jars to 1/8” of top and seal

Family recipe dating back to early 1700s

Ive been making this with my folks since infancy, and it's super important to do this out side over a fire, it just wont taste right if done indoors. We also always used our own tomatoes, my Papa would save the seeds that came out of the Squeezo we used, and plant them the following year. The very last jar was accidentally thrown away in the recent clean out of the Jefferson fridge, so as soon as I can, I hope to raise my own tomatoes and make more ketchup!

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